General Preface

Hola!After a long and dark exploration (actually just a few days -_-\\\), this blog FINALLY CAME OUT !!!!!

As sitting in front of the dim screen, my heart is like taking the fastest rocket touching the edge of the galaxy. And I am sure that I shall make great feats here!

About the problems during my experience, there is some valuable referance i am grateful to:

  • Julao ouuan’s blog : $Link$
  • lxmic’s Intro. $Link$
    • ‘Cause I use OS, so perhaps this article is suitable for me.

And every one, every website and even every articles that helps me !

Recently I shall move some better articles I wrote before here.

Update log

  • Feb. $5^{th}$ , 2019, Birthday .

    • Problem:Discussion-button doesn’t work….Need more exploration ha…
  • Feb. $6 ^{th}​$, 2019, Optimization .
    • List :
      • Add $\rm{RSS}$
      • Github Logo
      • Icon of “tags”
      • Ending Icon
      • Wordcount Button
      • Vistor-count Button
      • Shadow of blocks on homepage
    • Helpful Link from CSDN : $\color{red}{Link}$
  • Feb.$14^{th}​$, 2019, Optimization
    • Add the program $\rm{Aplyer}$ to play the songs I love~
    • Optimize the Catalog.
  • Feb.$16^{th}$, 2019, Bug fixed
    • Remove the “Git talk”,so perhaps who had comments before won’t be seen from now .
    • Use “Valine” as the comment-server, and it is still in testing these days:)
  • Feb.$19^{th}$, 2019, Bug fixed

    • Solve the Conflict between Markdown and $L_{A}T^E_{~~X}$,main Pro. is about the \ \\and _ in the $Mathjax$ would display error before.
  • Mar.$16^{th}​$, 2019, Something New
    • Add the tags of the degree of difficulty, by https://img.shields.io .And by now here are six tags with different colors about it: